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Com s are still down and I don't know why I'm surprised. Robin tracked the origins of our communication issues to Nevada so the temporary league is deploying a covert ops team to investigate the facility. We need volunteers by Friday to go with Raven. Furthermore, these heros do not have to be meta although that is preferred in some cases. Spoiler and Red have been deployed to collect FlameBird in Colorado. With everyone integrated into a safe house it should be easier for us to operate more covertly. Also, nightwing has the zeta beams back online so the separate teams can go to their respective bases to begin work on cases assigned by the league. Teams are as follows. Red Robin, Super boy, Miss Martian, Impulse, Raveger, and Wonder girl. Beast Boy, Raven, TerraIII, Kid Flash, and Robin. Zatanna, Spoiler, Artemis, Mary Shazam, Blue Beetle, Starfire, and Red Arrow. These three teams go to bases in the respective cities of, San Fransisco New York And Denver All others stay put until further orders are received from a temporary league members who will identify themself accordingly.
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Alright guys, since comma are down for the second time this month,we'll be communicating via my account opposed to Red's. A post will be sent to each one of your accounts and will be encrypted according to your computer's database. Contact anyone you've got handy. With this threat, that has been relatively untouched by the media due to the extreme secrecy and sensitivity of the information, we will need a the firepower we can muster. Coordinates for the league safe houses will also be transmitted to you based upon trackers batman planted on your person. Nightwing is heading this operation from the bat cave in New York city. If you have pressing and immediate concerns directly related to this issue, please contact me or Red via these accounts. As a side note, anyone with a viable secret identity, will be asked to aid others with the transition. Also, Stephanie and myself will be spreading the word to others on the internet via open emails to colleagues. Stay safe, stay quiet. Zatara out.


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